Uno and Frank Pet Foods

UNO is our signature single protein prefix for our customers to identify a product that is made with only one animal protein source.

For example, a UNO Chicken patty will only contain chicken, bones and other vital organ parts of chicken.

This is essential for pets with allergies as it eliminates the guesswork out for owners trying to identify what their pet may be allergic to.

A variety of single protein diets is the preferred choice for raw feeders as it provides the widest mix of different proteins and organs available while stil mimicking the whole prey method of feeding their pets.

A lot more effort and costs is involved in sourcing and creating single protein products and that is why you do not see these products widely available in commercial raw food suppliers.

FRANK is our prefix to identify a product that consists of more than one animal protein source.

FRANK is modeled after the “Frankenprey” model of feeding your pet a diet consisting of parts from different animals to form a whole prey.

For example, our FRANK Beef patty has chicken bones ground in for the bone content. This is because some parts of an animal may not be available or in this case, beef bones are simply too big to grind!