Below is a sample menu of our Pre-portioned Plan.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
UNO Chicken Necks (RMB) UNO Duck Patty UNO Lamb Flaps (RMB) UNO Chicken Necks (RMB) UNO Duck Patty UNO Chicken Necks (RMB) UNO Fish Patty (Herring)
UNO Beef BARF Patty (Boneless) UNO Chicken BARF Patty UNO Fish Patty (Herring) UNO Beef BARF Patty (Boneless) UNO Chicken Patty UNO Lamb BARF Patty Uno Beef Patty (Boneless)

This carefully planned menu provides your pet with a natural and wholesome diet using 5 different animal proteins (beef, chicken, duck, fish and lamb). It is rotated on a weekly basis for variety and to achieve optimum balance.

The UNO prefix indicates that it is a single animal protein product while a FRANK prefix means it may contain multiple animal protein sources. BARF means it has vegetables added in and RMB means Raw Meaty Bones. All our patties have essential bones ground in (approx. 10-15%) unless otherwise stated.

Sample menu items may be changed to suit your pet's requirements and preference (except chicken). For example, you may change the beef to duck if your pet is allergic or simply do not like beef. Chicken cannot be replaced as it forms the backbone of this carefully crafted diet and switching it will adversely affect the overall nutritional balance. Option for All Patties is available for small dogs and seniors with missing teeth.

For owners with pets allergic to chicken or with more specific requests, we recommend our Bespoke Diet plan as it can be customised and tailored to you or your pet's needs.

As our service can be very personalized, please feel free to contact us for more information.