Pre-portioned Pet Food Plan for Dogs

A hassle-free plan for the discerning dog owner.

We plan, portion, pack and deliver to your doorstep weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on amount ordered.

Our customised monthly plan is carefully crafted to provide your dog with 5 different animal proteins for a well-balanced diet and variety. This plan is great for dogs with no known allergies.

For dogs with known allergies, our Bespoke Diet plan may be customised to suit individual requirements. Please refer to our Bespoke Diet page for more details.

The 5 proteins are chicken, duck, beef, lamb and fish. Click here for more information on our Sample Menu.

The recommended diet plan consists of a mix of Raw Meaty Bones with Ground Patties. An All Patties option is available for small breeds, seniors with missing teeth or owner's preference.

For dogs new to a raw diet, we can provide a feeding schedule to ease your dog into the transition. For dogs already on a raw diet, the sample menu items can be introduced immediately.

The daily amount is portioned according to your dog's ideal weight and individually vacuum sealed to ensure quality and freshness. Simply thaw and feed!

The packets are clearly labelled with all essential information.

Simply provide us with your Dog's Name, Birthday, Breed, Sex, Current Weight, Ideal Weight, Current Diet and Any Known Allergies in the Add a Note box during Checkout and let us do the rest.

Please see below for our Monthly Plan Prices.

Please contact us should you require more information.

Pet's Ideal Adult Weight Recommended 4 Weeks
  Daily Amount Plan (Daily)
Up to 3kg 150g or less $3.20
3kg-5kg 150g $3.20
5kg-7kg 200g $4.00
7kg-10kg 250g $5.00
10kg-12kg 300g $6.00
12kg-15kg 350g $7.00
15kg-20kg 400g $8.00
20kg-22kg 450g $9.00
22kg-25kg 500g $10.00
25kg-27kg 550g $11.00
27kg-30kg 600g $12.00
30kg-32kg 650g $13.00
32kg-35kg 700g $14.00
35kg-37kg 750g $15.00
37kg-40kg 800g $16.00
40kg-42kg 850g $17.00
42kg-45kg 900g $18.00
45kg-47kg 950g $19.00
47kg-50kg 1000g $20.00
50kg-52kg 1050g $21.00
52kg-55kg 1100g $22.00
55kg-57kg 1150g $23.00
57kg-60kg 1200g $24.00