We believe that a species appropriate diet is simply the best and most natural way for our pets to thrive.

As the first and only dedicated butchery for pets in Singapore, we have the expertise to provide for your pet, a wholesome, all-natural and balanced diet free from preservatives, additions and fillers. Fidelis Meats products are produced in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

All our ingredients are 100% human and restaurant grade.

Not all pet food are created equal. It is of utmost importance to know what really goes into the food your beloved pet eats daily and what you are actually paying for.

Fidelis Meats does not believe in bulking up your pet's meal with excessive and cheap fillers like carbos and vegetables to lower the cost of our products. We only add what we think is essential and beneficial to our pets. We will never compromise on quality over price and are confident that the quality of our products will speak for ourselves.

We take great pride in our extensive sourcing for the most appropriate raw ingredients that goes into our products. We are pleased to inform that we use only fresh anti-biotic and hormone free chicken. Our beef and lamb are grass fed and free range. Our AVA approved duck come fresh and our fish is Norwegian!

We are pet owners too. We know how time consuming, messy and tiring it is to prepare food for your beloved pets. Made with the same passion as you would for your loved ones, we do all the work so that you can spend more quality time with them.

Our products are individually portioned and vacuum sealed for freshness.

Delivered right to your doorstep, simply thaw and feed your best friend the very best, a Fidelis Meats diet.