Bespoke Pet Food Service


As the first and only dedicated butchery for pets in Singapore, we are pleased to offer you a bespoke diet service for your pet.

This service is primarily set up for pets with special dietary needs due to medical conditions such as allergies and for pets with prescription diets from their vets.

We have experienced amazing results in using a raw food diet for allergy elimination and are keen to share our experience with owners facing similar problems with their pets.

Our Bespoke Diet service also caters to the most discerning owners giving them total control over their pet's nutrition needs.

We understand that every pet and owner is an individual with different needs and requirements.

From request for specific protein parts (eg. different cuts of beef), how it is cut (eg. chunked, diced, cubed or minced), to novel proteins (eg. rabbit, quail or venison), everything can be tailored to your specifications.

As a bespoke diet is specially tailored to the individual pet, a more in depth discussion may be necessary.

Please contact us for more details.